Border Artist Talks at The Cutter Gallery June 21st at 11 am

Border Artists Eclectic Show

 Featuring guest artists Robin Weiner-Labe and Mary Robertson.

"Reflecting in Grey Light"   Oil Painting on Panel Tauna Cole    2014

“Reflecting in Grey Light”
Oil Painting on Panel
Tauna Cole 2014

Last summer I was in the pool and looked over at Raul, my husband, to find him bathed in this filtered grey sunlight from the chimnea smoke.  I immediately went for the camera to capture the moment.  As an amateur photographer, it can be difficult to capture light in the same way it’s actually experienced.

Tomorrow, I will be talking about my painting at The  Cutter Gallery on the corner of El Paseo and University.  Please join me and several other members of the Border Artists for demonstrations and discussions about art.

Saturday June 21- visit with Tauna Cole, Guest Artist Mary Robertson, Jeanne Rundell, Scott Weaver, and Terry Wolf

Saturday June 28 – visit with Janice Cook, Guest Artist Robin Labe, Rosemary McLoughlin, Jo Rango, and Storm Sermay

Closing Reception Saturday July 12 from 1-3pm, and the raffle drawing will be held at 2:30