“Backyard Vignettes”

Currently showing at Amaro Winery until July 20, 2016:

These little vignettes were inspired by a group show in Moses Lake last fall that was based on the concept of Indra’s Net. I chose to focus on what’s in the backyard rather than thinking about a specific theme or a specific idea. Every time I walk outside to the backyard, there is a constant evolution of movement, change, a flower has bloomed, another plant has wilted, birds fall, the pool changes it’s movement based on the wind, shadows shift as the day moves on into the evening. Each day presents a different moment of what catches my eye, what’s living, thriving or perspiring.

When these moments are brought into the studio, the focus shifts to what I want to say or express about the subject. Representing the image through some means of abstraction is a consistent theme in my work. As you might see in the work, the materials used for the vignettes vary from a gessoed panel to working with Mylar, vellum, and different rice papers. The techniques are paired up with the different surfaces to see what the results will bring or express. I truly believe that if we can look at the designs in nature we learn something more about our self and nature.


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